How I make her morning awesome in 60 bucks

Pic your car whenever you wake..(or book this experience for an Ola to pic you up)


Get to SDA market, opposite IIT Delhi gate..


Park/let your cab wait outside the market on main road..


Just ahead and you will see this Chole Kulche & Bhature wala. These guys are putting this stall here from last 7-8 yrs..


Get hot bhature made in front of you, while the kulchas get ready on the tawa..


Meanwhile the guy will create the masterpiece of dry chole(actually that’s mutter) to go with Kulche ..


2 plates of chole bhature and one plate chole kulche, all at 60 bucks in less than 5 mins! Yaa…
Get everything packed and you are ready..


Reach home put them on plates..


Serve it on the bed with hot newspaper..


And now enjoy it together watching Malgudi Days on YouTube..


Good Morning!

Fulfillment by Ola. Available Globally if you know what she wd like in breakfast& where to pick it from. 🙂

If you live in & around IIT Delhi, buzz us at 9999666960 to book this for you.


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