Five Point Somethings of Friendship- Part 2

So here we are.. to suggest the best plans for friendship day.. for different type of friends.

Now from our previous part we were at…

“A friend is whom you can spend some good time with… maybe not all the time, but good time.”

Hmm..But still! ..this can spend some good time’.. is filled with ambiguity .. it’s like getting Stuck in a Gurgaon Traffic Jam .. telling urself that you can reach home in time.. but ya sure!


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So there can’t be a ‘can’  ambiguity in this.

There are points which come in everyone’s life…when before you know…with someone.. at anytime.. seen with a certain gauge.. with some shared space.. you end up spending a good time.



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And then you start having more good, sometime great time with this one .. and before you know.. the one becomes like ur best pal ever.

So it’s like..



“A friend is someone whom you spend good time with.”


Still… ‘Friends’ reminds of people we like. Some of them are like.. wow!, some.. not that much…, and some.. don’t know.. the maybe sorts.

And then there are days.. when my boss didn’t performed his usual musical title “we are so dead” in the morning review meeting..


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or the day when my parking guy.. didn’t look down my windshield.. just after proudly adjusting the belt tightly gripped to his “what wd I have done without you” tummy.. posing  a “you didn’t see me doing that” blush hiding behind those thick mustaches.


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Without these points the day feels incomplete.


Each one of us… have these points.. have these friends. Friends who complete our life…

right from going to fill petrol, office, cafes, parking area.. you expect them to be there. You may never openly admired them (or perhaps you already did… lost within the great medley of our social life).


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It’s actually that one point.. that one single moment, when ur time passes without their role in it… And you already know…here’s my missing buddy.

Somewhere deep inside… you just discovered the idea of a good time for this point of life..

Somewhere deep inside… you just discovered your new friend.


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The Five Point Somethings of Friendship:

The Annual not so Pain Point

That Point of the month

Weekly Point

You Point my day

The Point is Less


Ok.. so what are these 5 points?

These 5 points are ur guide to discover ur good time with friends.


And that’s exactly what we do here. Create plans for a good time with friends. Regardless what type of friends they are, where do they belong to, what have they studied, what do they do for their living, who are they?… they are just friends!

If you are remembering about a good time, we can make it alive again & also feature it in our APP, in our Friend’s Special!

Just ping it to 9999666960.



So… let’s keep it a little open this friendship day. Let’s think of friends not by any.. type, genre, relation, gender… but by points in life when we together have a good time…




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