Life @ Gurgaon – Abs on the Rocks!

An #Achoo by Vishal Bawa: 

Well! Gurgaon, apart from the usual sound of an ever honking traffic all around, the name does ring some other bells with a variety of other sounds.


The Millennium City! .. The new generation of infrastructure.. Lavish Condominiums.. working with a DLF & some other biggies, my life’s been surrounded by it all.. along with a ever promising.. 24*7 work life.

And now having spent close to 5 years (feels like ok.. wow..) in and around this city, makes you to think about it again, of living in apparently what ‘s the fastest growing corporate corridor of India.


The city, is like any other part of the world and has got its share of love, hatred and indifference.

Some of us started our careers here, while many of us moved here as a part of our the ever so dynamic lifestyles.

And with time.. and the usual rat race.. we adopted its lifestyle… no wait!..
lifestyle diseases.

Just today, I got to know that NCR contributes for 42.3% of diabetics in India. That’s like rounding to half of the entire diabetic population of India are living in my city. That’s a little weird and concerning.


This couldn’t happen overnight. We surrendered our lives to caffeine shots in the morning going up till tequila shots in the evening. Why? Cause.. Stay Awake! The world might surpass us otherwise.


The regular stint with this life has led us to crazy working hours, frustrating traffic jams, and contact numbers of physicians and doctors on our speed dials.

Practo is replacing Tinder! We are getting used to geting a date from the doctors/dentists/surgeons more than dating.

But there’s no one to blame, it all boils down to our increasing aspirations, lavish condos, bigger cars and scanty but expensive vacations.


I don’t remember when was the last time I took my “Bullt” (Bullet Motorcycle) out for a stroll…

This Friday, I am coming out to meet my city, people and talk about the fight I have put against the odds of it.
How I flow through it, stuck in its jams, turned by its appearance.. yet reaching my destination everyday.

How do I got my.. Abs on the Rocks!

Abs on the Rocks! Friday, 5th Aug’16, 7.00 pm at Nowhere Pub Brewery, Cross Point Mall


Abs on the Rocks! is #Achoo initiated by Vishal Bawa, Senior Marketing Manager at DLF India. If you have an interesting activity concept, we will make it happen. Please write to us on, with subject “My Achoo”.



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